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Abstract Earth Gallery takes great pride in having developed a unique online resource through which buyers can make buying decisions with ease and confidence.  This fundamental consideration extends further still with the special interest of the trade professionals in mind.  Abstract Earth’s Trade Service presents an efficient and effective resource, catering to the busy trade professional and his/her valued clientele.

Basic benefits of this service include:

  • Full-service consultation from art consultants: Based on your/your client’s preferences (e.g., color, medium, style, dimensions, durability, etc.), we will make and present preliminary selections from our extensive and diverse collection of abstract artwork.

  • We will communicate with the artist, determine shipping and handling costs, and fully guarantee your and your client’s complete satisfaction with each selection.

  • We will offer advice and guide you/your client through the process of commissioning an Abstract Earth artist for a specific project.

  • Trade professional discounts on high-quality, original works of art created by both established and emerging artists from around the world.

  • Interactive design rooms: Our unique technology allows you and/or your client to preview the works of art on their wall by uploading a photo of the space they intend to decorate.

  • 3D-like rotational views: The most credible displays of free-standing sculpture and wall-mounted relief work on the Internet.

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For more information or general inquiries about this and other valuable services offered by Abstract Earth Gallery, please contact an art consultant at info@terra-gallery.com or by calling (614) 726.9260.