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Gary Brown

Artist's Statement  ::
Gary graduated from Columbia College with a BFA in Film in 1975. He spent a year as a Cinematography fellow at the American Film Institute. Three years into a promising career as a Director-Cameraman, something happened that would change his life forever and direct him down the path to producing his unique type of sculpture.
On New Years Eve 1981 emerging from an underpass his van was hit broadside by a car running a red light. The resulting injury left him paralyzed from the knees down. After two spinal surgeries and two years of physical therapy he was able to walk with great difficulty using two platform canes. During this time, to keep from going crazy Gary started doing woodworking which would have a significant effect on his future sculpture. Gary then decided to try and restart his film. Unfortunately hiring practices in the early 80ís were different then they are today. None of the producers he had previously worked for wanted to hire him because of his mobility problems.
Needing to make a living he turned to the family sign business and began his career in Architectural Signage. Working as a signage designer for 14 years grounded him in the skills and experience necessary to open up the creative possibilities of the medium. Using his experience as a woodworker he has synthesized a unique application of wood and metal in sculpture. The organic qualities of wood are counterpoint to the purity, strength and finish of metal. The resulting synthesis takes the technical skills of architectural signage and brings them into the realm of fine art.
Inspired by natural forms and pure geometry of primitive art, Gary endeavored to leave behind the attributes of the industrial world. Garyís focus on pure design is complimented by the craftsmanship displayed in his attention to finish and detail.
Browns work is best characterized by the duality and balance between industrial and fine art, the organic and inorganic, concept and execution.

Pieces by Gary Brown:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.