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Amy Bouse

Artist's Statement  ::
My work explores psychological states and the process of extracting these states from their subterranean territory. This transportation often results in half-written messages and abrupt transitions; the passage remains visible on the surface of the paintings. These paintings draw inspiration from studies of botany, human anatomy and quilt patterns. They address the way forms fit together and divide, transform with age and use, evolve and decay. Paint surfaces refer to the body’s permeable yet resilient flesh and to the complicated processes of seemingly simple plants. The square format of many of the paintings explores the infinite possibilities found within a classic geometric form. The melding of a strict geometric shape with unwieldy organic structures intrigues me. The square paintings stand alone but benefit from juxtapositions created by arranging several squares together. Like improvisational or crazy quilts, the patterns and shapes evolve as I paint.

Pieces by Amy Bouse:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.