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Jeff Hersey

Artist's Statement  ::
I am continually fascinated by the variety of results obtained from heating metals and glass/enamel onto metal surfaces. My work is designed to explore beyond traditional techniques normally associated with copper, pewter and glass. I am challenged to provide visual experiences in which spontaneous colors, textures, and forms hopefully play together in a unique way.

Techniques include kiln firing, torch firings and cutting, acid baths, hand thrown and sifted enamel, wet enamel painting, folding and hammering; all of which can result in some rather exciting and serendipitous results. Mediums employed include copper, silver, gold, pewter, tin, glass, and layered transparent vitreous (glass) enamel (which can yield deep opalescent effects over metal).

Pieces by Jeff Hersey:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
In addition to many installed works in private homes throughout the U.S. and Europe, corporate installations include: IBM, Borden, Bank One, Liebert, ABB, EDS, Holophane, McCloy Financial Services, Nestle, and Voice-tel.