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Mary Fiore

Artist's Statement  ::
My Moon Series, Paint Collages, and Drip Series have been part of several juried and invitational shows. Dance of the Spirits, a series of African mask paintings (Archives) resulted from my study of African Art and was included in solo, invitational and juried shows. My current series, Transitions, builds on the color relationships and transitions between colors as they move across the canvas and represents my evolution to abstract imagery. My current work is influenced by my travels in the southwest. The culture, color and texture of the land have left traces surfacing in my images. Each section of my paintings must be interesting and pleasing to my eye. I enjoy the mix of color, texture, and line leading the viewer around the image.I work to acheive an organic quality and a physicality through color and texture. My images are abstract, leading the viewer to find their own voice and free to see whatever is meaningful and personal. A surface history is built the same way I work through life, by taking risks, learning, and trusting my intuition. Depth is built by glimpses of the past through new layers of paint and other media creating visual interest on several levels

Pieces by Mary Fiore:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
My roots are in art and photography, computer applications and education. Digital media has been useful in the design and problem solving phases of my painting and mixed media work. I earned a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Art through Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts in painting and computers and the arts. I have had the opportunity to use my experience through teaching Digital Media courses to help artists in traditional disciplines use technology to enhance their work and to spark interest in digital art. Robotics and digital art are my research interests.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
Solo Exhibitions: 2003 Willliamsburg Public Library, Williamsburg, VA. 2002 Main Street Studio and Gallery, Williamsburg, VA. 2002 James-York Playhouse, Williamsburg, VA. 2001, 2002 Aromas, Williamsburg, VA. 2002, 2003 Shear Attitude Salon, Williamsburg, VA. Invitational Shows: 2003 Five shows, Cristallo Art and Glass Studio, Williamsburg, VA. Juried Shows: 2004 Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA. 2003, 2004 Photography and Painting, Cristallo Art and Glass Studio, Williamsburg, VA. 2002, 2003 Art on the Square, Williamsburg, VA. 2002, 2003 Virginia Living Museum's Wildlife Arts Festival, Newport News, VA. 2002 Occasion for the Arts, Williamsburg, VA 2001 Shockoe Bottom Arts, Richmond, VA. 1999-2000 Carrot Tree Gallery, Williamsburg, VA. Group Shows: 2003 Kinks, Quirks and Caffeine, Williamsburg, VA. 2003 Wild Bunch, Urbanna, VA. 2000-2003 This Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA. 1999-2000 Carrot Tree Gallery, Williamsburg, VA.