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Maren Fiorelli

Artist's Statement  ::
My mother was a self-proclaimed compost artist, and mother of ten children. She was also a self- induced obsessive compulsive, depressed, manic- depressive, who would spend hours separating the paper strip from the metal wrapper of entire bags of Hershey kisses, after which she would sleep for hours at a time. Through the entirety of her career as a multi-media paper artist” she managed to raise ten children. My father was very black and white in his rational. He had a demeanor that would make the yellow line separating lanes of traffic seem like the eighth wonder of the world. Financial issues were his strong point and so went to work every day to support his old Mother Hubbard and her shoe full of children. After deciding to become an artist, I started on small canvasses trying to create simple controlled paintings. I found them painful and boring. I started painting larger and progressively looser. I finally started to express the chaos that I was more familiar with. I began to rediscover my childhood and the chaos I had grown up in. It became my way to connect with my now heavily medicated mother. Her familiar eccentric ways are now represented by the colors that are taken right out of the tubes and slathered on to the canvass with my fingers.

Pieces by Maren Fiorelli:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.