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Michael Coll

Pieces by Michael Coll:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
In 1960 at the age of ten he immigrated with his parents to Melbourne Australia. His early childhood years were spent in Ireland and England. He was educated in Melbourne and completed University studies in Education before taking up teaching posts in rural Australia. Michael commenced painting while completing his secondary education, as a form of recreation and relaxation and has continued ever since, completing many landscapes in oils, watercolor and mixed media. He has increased his artistic output with works in private collections in Europe and Australia. Michael moved into abstract and semi-abstract work in the 1990ís, exploring the interplay of color, line and texture to bring the viewer to another plain and alert the senses. As a colorist Michael works with blends and contrasts, which can clash and travel through the painting, inviting the viewer to explore various dimensions and ideas.