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Jeff Shaw

Artist's Statement  ::
I enjoy creating images and objects that I find visually interesting. Primarily non-representational, they are intended to gain and hold the attention of the viewer as long as possible, ideally bringing some emotional and/or intellectual response. The work is driven by process rather than product. Through an improvisational sequence of choices and uses of media, techniques, design, content, and levels of abstraction, I seek to find a visually unified composition. Another way to put it is, to find order from chaos. This is based on years of experience and education. While I do allow accidents to be part of the evolution of the piece, they are somewhat controlled. I attempt to provide some visual clues toward subject or meaning, but leave enough ambiguity to involve the viewer in deciding "what it is.

Pieces by Jeff Shaw:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Jeff Shaw is a lifetime resident of Columbus, Ohio and Central Ohio. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education from Capital University and a Master of Arts in Art Education from The Ohio State University. A retired art educator at the high school and college levels, Jeff has received local, state and national awards for teaching. His oil paintings are in the permanent collections at Capital University, corporate offices and private homes.