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Biography  ::

The purpose of this section is to explain a bit about myself and why I am compelled to create the art in which I am currently involved.

In 1996 I graduated with honors and a degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Virginia Tech University, having focused my studies on microbiology and genetics. It was here that I had my first insights into the grand architecture of nature, the mysteries of which I find continuously inspiring. I was also heavily involved in art, continuously painting and exhibiting in coffee shops and other places in and around my campus. College distinctions include Pre-Med Honor society, 1996 Poetry award, and numerous Dean’s List awards.

Where I am at
I have been painting for about 15 years, having traveled through a variety of styles including extended periods in surrealism and cubism. I have always been interested in conveying emotion though color and form. Much of this work has been figurative in the sense that it has attempted to capture the outward or visual human being in both static and kinetic forms. I focused on the outward expression of the human condition and tried to use color and line to blur the boundary between the individual and the environment in which they occur. My more recent work, however, is less about “what we’re doing” and more about “how we got here and what we’re made of”. It looks inward and in the direction of the aspects of life that are universal to all living systems but which are unseen to the naked eye. In this sense, it has become a blend of surrealism and abstraction, a combination of elements that try to immortalize the unseen pieces of the mysterious life puzzle.

New Work: Beginnings series

In January of 2004 I finally began to realize my passion for science through my art. Having learned such amazing theories which all seemed to be missing one important ingredient; I began this series to tell a story about how we came to be through the use of ideas anchored in pure biological form and image.

Much like science, I wanted Beginnings to be about discovery through experiment. This series marks a shift from an end-driven technique toward one which is entirely process-driven. It also represents a shift from image to concept. My aim was to produce pieces that mimicked biological forms. But rather than start from the mental and work my out through the physical, I reversed the process, such that the mental would manifest through the physical. This was achieved by utilizing different materials in conjunction with a novel application of them. Each piece began as an exercise in materials otherwise alien in my normal work, such as glues, clays, papers, spices, earth materials, waxes, and other household products. And like science, where many things are discovered by accident, the direction of the each image was more or less dictated by the surprising way in which materials reacted with or repelled each other.

Very often the works would change dramatically on their own. While surfaces dried, bodies and cavities formed on their own. Colors would morph, and texture would emerge as a product of reaction. It was analogous to the evolution of life itself.

With living systems, the phenotype (outward appearance) is the materialization of its genetic instructions. In the case of Beginnings, the code of instruction was the chemistry of the ingredients, and the phenotype emerged as a natural by-product. Amidst the seemingly chaotic surface on which I worked, beautiful patterns began to manifest. Air would get trapped and then seep out through tiny bubbles. Liquids would bead together, forming deposits between their boundaries which would eventually become isolated bodies. Responding to these patterns, I was then able to complete the thought by encapsulating or highlighting the main forms.

The finished pieces are stories of our beginnings as much as they are stories of how the works came to be.

Caladan Gallery (“contemporary Icons”)         Online                      May 2005
FDLM Studio (“Mixed Media”)                     Weehawken, NJ       April 2005
Upstream People Gallery (“Faces”)                 Online                      Mar 2005
Re-Generations Boutique                                Chester, NJ              Feb 2005
Daily Grind                                                     Jersey City, NJ         Jan 2005
City Bean                                                       Jersey City, NJ         Dec 2004
Bergen Museum Art Show                              Paramus, NJ            Oct 2004
Café Arabica                                                  Morristown, NJ        Aug 2004
Gallery Two (solo event)                                 Long Island, NY      July 2004
Montclair Art in the Park                                 Montclair, NJ          May 2004
Rodeo Ristra                                                   Hoboken, NJ           Jan 2004
Town Grind                                                     Denville, NJ             Jun 2003 - Apr 2004
26th Annual Spring Art Festival                        Flushing, NY           May 2000
(Electrical and Cultural Fund)
Intro                                                                Jersey City, NJ        Nov 1999
Sweet Dreams Café                                         Madison, NJ           Dec 1998
Le Bar Bat Art Show                                       Manhattan, NY       Sep 1998
Ambassador Gallery                                        Soho, NY               Aug 1998
Flemington Art Festival                                    Flemington, NJ        Jul 1997
XYZ Performing Arts Show                             Blacksburg, VA      May 1996
Gilley’s Café                                                    Blacksburg, VA      Apr 1996

News, Press, awards
May 2005     Featured article and photo(s) to come in Morristown Magazine
Mar 2005     Article and photo in the Daily Record regarding charity auction art on ebay
Feb 2005     Faces Exhibition (www.uptownpeopleart.com)
                    “Special Recognition” and “Direction’s recognition” for two pieces:
Feb 2005     Article and photo in the Daily Record
Feb 2005     Article in the Hudson Weekly Magazine
Jan 2005     Article in Night and Day Magazine (issue 4, page 26)
July 2004     4-page cover/color spread in the Daily Record Plus section (July 28)
2002            Winner of EC art contest for “best abstract” (Violin)

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Public Collections and commissions
South City Grill, Mt Lakes NJ (2002)
48” x 60” painting commissioned for the restaurant
The Funky Monkey, Morristown, NJ (2004)
48” x 96” painting commissioned for the restaurant
The Muse, Morristown NJ (2004)
48” x 96” painting commissioned for the restaurant

Private and sold works
A complete list of sold art can be furnished upon request