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Richard Altman

Artist's Statement  ::
I am consumed with the need for personal expression in artistic form. If I do not engage in some form of personal creative expression for a period of time, I become irritable, and emotionally disoriented. I am also driven by a need for exploration into new ways to use tools and techniques to achieve creative results that form my perspective, break new creative ground. Because of these drives I have a wide variety of interests and influences that attract me to engage in many forms of personal expression. I’m curious to see how different creative tools affect the look and feel of my expressions. What do my expressions look like if I use a camera, computer, kiln or welder. What does the expression look like if I combine various tools to craft my creations. This “creative research and development” keeps me engaged in an ongoing challenge to evolve my work and my ability to creatively express myself. My work in glass and steel wall sculpture is stimulated by relationships between the light, shadow, color and texture of nature. The objects I create are influenced by the desert landscapes of the Southwest with additional influence from contemporary architecture, graphic design and technology. I capitalize on the special properties of glass to transmit and reflect color and light, and the ability of metal to provide structural integrity and contribute graphic forms. The glass and metal are integrated into sculptures designed to create a dynamic relationship with the environment they are placed in. The sculptures embrace both hard edge geometry and smooth flowing curves. These different and often contrasting forms are brought together to create a harmony with diversity, just as we are challenged to do within our own lives.

Pieces by Richard Altman:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Richard Altman is originally from South Bend, Indiana. After a childhood of long cold winters and a degree from Indiana University, (Biology major/ Psychology minor), he left Indiana to teach high school in Cincinnati. Still suffering from the cold and lack of sunshine, he packed up and traveled to Arizona State University to attend graduate school. After receiving a Masters Degree in Educational Technology he worked producing multimedia productions for the University. During this two-year assignment he also acquired an MFA in Photography from ASU. Richard then moved on to direct the Media Resource Center at ASU’s College of Architecture and teach classes in Presentation Design. An intense interest in technology lead Richard to leave the university and form Communication Design, a firm dedicated to the design and production of interactive multimedia productions. For twenty-three years, Communication Design provided consulting and design services to educational institutions, government, and business. During this period Richard also began working on the fine art side of mixed media combining steel, fused glass, wood and stone into contemporary fine art sculptures. After selling Communication Design, he founded Fusion Studios. This new adventure provides a platform for Richard and his associates to deliver some unusual contemporary fine and functional art objects and digital services.