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Jason Amstutz

Artist's Statement  ::
I work in glass because I love the material, I love the immediate attention that it demands, I love the technical challenges that it posses and the choreographed moves that result from fulfilling these challenges. I also respond to the fluidness of this material, the smooth curves of a molten material. I draw inspiration from many different things, from past to present. I am particularly fascinated by the organic curves of the Art Nouveau movement. I believe that hot glass wants to show off similar curves, this is easily achieved by allowing the glass to take back some of the control from the artist, allowing it to be the fluid material that it is. On the other hand, some of my pieces do not demonstrate this organic feel, some times I do not let the glass have any control and I form it into a shape of my own desire. I love the attention that it demands, the focus that it requires. I get a great sense of accomplishment after creating a perfect piece, part of this sense of accomplishment comes from the fact that all the failed attempts in the past that have now paid off. I tend to work in series, I will work on one body of work for a time, constantly developing it until one day I suddenly stop and start a new series. I feel my work is in a constant state of evolution.

Pieces by Jason Amstutz:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.