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Brenda Burns

Artist's Statement  ::
“Emblematic View,” a contemporary, one-of-a-kind abstract series, consists of works using original media of colored paper, hand-painted paper and metallic acrylic paint. Dynamic colors, shapes and composition allow the viewer the opportunity to interpret their own expressions of human experience. My wish is to create something timeless, something that can be viewed over and over again, seeing something different each time. My pieces show an expression of daily life, each layer illustrating a personal slice of life or emotion. I create pieces based on the spontaneity of daily life and how I see it, pulling from myself what I am feeling at that time and interpreting it directly onto paper or canvas. With my understanding of color, shapes and composition, I try to leave my personal stamp or imprint on each piece that conveys a feeling with which everyone can identify

Pieces by Brenda Burns:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Brenda Burns, an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, has created and produced commercial and fine art for more than 20 years. Burns is a 1984 graduate of Clark State College in Springfield, Ohio, where she majored in graphic design. Her experience includes illustrations, paintings and other works of fine and commercial art. After successfully opening her own design studio, RGB Communications, LLC, in 2000, Burns turned her attention to her true passion, visual arts. She combined her past experience of page composition with images and marketing copy to convey feelings and emotion with just shapes and color in fine art. Her colorful and abstract “Emblematic View” series are an original mixed media. Burns’s series expresses the feelings of individual daily life. The unique and colorful images are suitable for hanging in residences or businesses. No other artist is combining these media to produce this style of abstract art. Her past exhibits include: •Westerville Gallery for A Day, September 18, 2004 •Solo artist exhibit at the Westerville Public Library, December, 2004 •Featured artist at Mac Worthington Galerie, January 1 - 30, 2005 •Mac Worthington Galerie Web site, www.macworthington.com February 1 - 28, and group artist July 2004 - December 2005 •Solo artist exhibit at Outlook Manor, Westerville, Ohio, March - April 30, 2005 Some of her works will be available in the Mac Worthington Galerie’s Best of the Best Spring 2005 National and International Catalogue. Future exhibits include: •Solo artist exhibit at Westerville Electric Company, June 1 – 30 •Group artist at The Second Annual Art in the Park, Alum Creek Park, Westerville, Ohio, August 14, 2005 The artist and her husband, Ron, reside in Westerville, Ohio.