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Adam Saiter

Artist's Statement  ::
As someone who loves to learn new things, I've always tried to cultivate a tendency towards polymathy. This devotion to knowledge led me to pursue the sciences specifically computer science and psychology - academically. I've also taught myself a not insubstantial amount of psychopharmacology, physical science, and economic/financial theory. At present I am pursuing a graduate degree in the field of Human Resources Management. I currently hold a number of IT certifications and work in the Network Engineering department of a financial services company. I also serve my fellow employees as a union shop steward, doing what I can to resolve conflicts between management and employees. Ideally, I prefer to prevent conflicts from becoming major issues in the first place. I draw upon my background and interests for inspiration for my paintings. My thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world around me led to my fascination with the sciences; likewise my desire to know and understand myself leads me to pursue the arts. Not surprisingly, the two areas have great opportunity for overlap. I enjoy working with incompatible solvents, plastic resin, wire, salt, twine, and other unusual combinations of materials to create highly textured and richly colored abstract paintings. I try to create a more organic and emotional feel, in contrast to the mechanical and cold visual experience often encountered in abstract work. The extent to which I achieve that goal, however, is up to the viewer to determine.

Pieces by Adam Saiter:

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