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John Beaver

Artist's Statement  ::
My formal training is in astronomy and physics, but photography has been an active love since childhood. I have always been fascinated by the beyond-the-snapshot possibilities of photography. I use a variety of cameras and processes, mostly low-tech and low-cost. Each imposes its own special set of constraints, which I find curiously liberating. I am especially interested in the way photography allows the light of the world to make marks on pieces of paper. For me, there is a bitter poignancy between the living subject in the world and the dead flatness of a photographic object. And so I often want the photographic object to be self-aware of the process by which it was made, and I am drawn to processes that somehow leave their direct marks on the print. My “cyanonegative” photography combines the antiquarian printing process of cyanotype (invented in 1842) with homemade cameras and modern digital scanning and printing. The use of simple lenses and hand-brushed emulsions on paper negatives gives the images a painterly quality, and forces the viewer to cling to the center, the only stable ground. With long exposure times of an hour or more, the subjects are, by necessity, taken from the more steady and solid parts of our only world. This is part of my frustrated attempt to find solace, in response to the increasingly frenetic and maddening events portrayed daily on NPR and Fox News.

Pieces by John Beaver:

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