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Gregg Simpson

Artist's Statement  ::

Pieces by Gregg Simpson:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Born in Ottawa in 1947, North Vancouver artist, Gregg Simpson, has been active in visual art since the mid-1960s. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Canada, the U.S., France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Malaysia, and South America and is included in over 100 private and public collections in Europe, Asia and North America.

Since 1994, Simpson has spent much time traveling and exhibiting in France and Italy. In 2001, he exhibited a retrospective of drawings from 1978-1999 in Seillans, France, the last home of one of his heroes, Max Ernst. The exhibition then traveled to Prato, Italy in 2001. In May 2000, Simpson exhibited in Tuscany at the Fortezza di Montalcino, a 14th Century castle. This exhibition, entitled A New Arcadia, The Art of Gregg Simpson is the subject of a Bravo television documentary, which premiered in 2003.

Simpson’s work has been written about and studied in several art journals, history books and academic studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, the Université Rabelais de Tours, France and at the Accademia Tiberina in Rome. In France, his work has been exhibited and published by two renowned art historians, both colleagues of Surrealism’s founder, André Breton. The first, José Pierre, included the artist in his landmark book, L’Univers Surréaliste, (Editions Somogy, 1983) and in 1999, Sarane Alexandrian put Simpson’s work in his periodical, Supériore Inconnu.

In June 2005, Simpson will be exhibiting in the Musée Renoir in Cagnes-sur-Mer, near Nice,France and at the Fundaçion Eugenio Granell in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. In February 2005, he will be exhibiting large abstracts at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::

2005: Figures in the Light, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver

2003: Une Nouvelle Arcadie Salle des Artistes Colomars (Nice) France
Una Arcadia Nuevo, Galeria Zero, Barcelona, Spain
Selected Works, 1999-2003, Bfly Atelier, Vancouver

2002: Angoli d’Italia (photography) Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver

2001: Une Nouvelle Arcadie, Centre d’Affaires, Nice Airport, Nice, France
Selected Drawings, 1978-1999, Galleria Assioma, Prato, Italy
A New Arcadia, paintings/pastels, Lichthaus, Innsbruck, Austria

2000: Selected Drawings, 1978-1999, Salle du Couvent, Seillans, France
A New Arcadia, paintings and pastels, The Fortezza di Montalcino, Italy
Phantoms of Light, digital art/pastels/paintings, Studio 10, Vercelli, Italy

1999: Recent Abstract Paintings, MacPherson Playhouse, Victoria , B.C.
Land of Light, Plaskett Gallery, New Westminster, BC

1997: A New Arcadia, Oktavia Gallery, Vancouver

1996: Aprés Miro, Bennett Gallery, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
Cloissonist Landscapes, Montgomery Fine Arts, Vancouver

1995: Figurations, Torres Gallery, Vancouver

1994: Classic Mode, Montgomery Fine Arts, Vancouver

1993: Lyric Landscapes, Richmond Art Gallery

1991: Tribal Dynamics, Gallery Alpha, West Vancouver

1988: Cellular Mosaics, Sinclair Centre, Vancouver

1987: Modern Ghosts, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC

1986: Modern Ghosts, Richmond Art Gallery; Richmond, BC
Queen’s Park Art Centre, New Westminster, BC

1984: 12-Year Retrospective, Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
New Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1982: Paintings and Collages, Galerie Surrealiste, Toronto, Ontario
Mixed Media Works Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario

1981: Cellular Mosaics, Gallery Move, Vancouver
Paintings and Mixed Media, The Music Gallery, Toronto

1979: A Survey of Paintings, Gallery Move, North Vancouver, BC

1978: Helix Series, Gallery Move, North Vancouver

1975: Mixed media installation and performance Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ontario

1974: 10-Year Retrospective, Vancouver Artists’ Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1973: Claw Series, Galerie Allen, Vancouver

1972: Paintings and Collages, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC

1969: Normal Constants, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, BC


2005: West Coast Surreal, A Canadian Perspective, Museo Granell, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Abstractions et Figurations, Maison des Artistes, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
Summer 2005, Galeria Zero, Barcelona, Spain

2004::Contemporary Surrealism, Galeria Zero, Barcelona, Spain
Summer Group exhibition, Art-Domain Gallery, Port Andratx, Mallorca
Spirit of the Mask, Marilyn Mylrea Gallery, Vancouver

2003: Convergency Art-Domain Gallery, Port Andratx, Mallorca, Spain (group)
Abstra Akros Gallery, Bilbao , Spain (group)
Euloge au petit format, Centre Culturel Christine Peugeot, Paris, France

2002: Europ’Art 2002 Palais des Expositions, Geneva, Switzerland
Grupo Batik Art,, Salona Barna, Barcelona, Spain
Summer 2002 Galeria Zero, Barcelona, Spain

2000: Gotcha! Digital Images Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

1998: Binario Vivo: Ambiente E Creativita Sulla Strada Ferrata - toured Italy:
Treno Verde, Messina, Regio Calabria, Taranto, Potenza, Avellino, Roma,
Imola, Monza, Belluno, Porenone, Macerata, Foligno, Orario. (group )
Art 98, International Art Fair, Canada Place, Vancouver

1997: Electrica Mente (digital art), Studio 10, Vercelli, Italy
Maldoror Park, Diversité Surréaliste: 1935-1995, Université de Montréal
Gallery Artists, Nicholas Joseph Fine Arts, New York, NY

1996: Il Cielo Contaminato Salone Dugentesco,Vercelli, Trento, Italy
Dessin Automatiste 1945-95, College Camille Claudel, St.Quay Portrieux, France.

1995:Dessin Automatiste 1945-95, Phases Group, Plœuc-sur-Lié, France
Phases of Desire, CASE Gallery, Saritoga Springs, New York
Currents, L’Atelier, Vancouver
Vancouver:1965-75, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1994:Constellations: Surrealism and Its Affinities, Carleton University Art Gallery,
Ottawa, Ontario
Permanent Collection, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC

1991/93:Lumière du Jour/Lumière Noir, Galerie Lumière Noir, Montreal,Quebec

1991/2: Rainforests of the Mind; Fertility Rites; Geometric Expressionism;
Fantastic Visions (also curator), Gallery Alpha, West Vancouver, BC

1990: Artropolis, Vancouver, BC

1989:Western Patterns, Sinclair Centre (also Curator) Vancouver, BC

1987: Savage, NeoArtism Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1986: Exposiçao Internacional Surrealismo e Pintura Fantástica, Teatro Iberico, Lisbon, Portugal
Open Cages – West Coast Surrealist Group, Pitt International Gallery, Vancouver,
Contemporary Living: Park Place, Vancouver, BC

1985: West Coast Surrealists: Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, BC

1984: Gallery Artists: New Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1982: Arteder 82, Bilbao, Spain
Melmoth Gallery, Vancouver

1981: Associations, Galerie Surrealiste, Toronto

1980: On Canvas Robson Square Media Centre, Vancouver, BC
Insights, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, BC
Gallery Artists: Gallery Move, Vancouver, BC

1979: West Coast Surrealists & Paul Wunderlich, Bayard Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Hindenberg Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland
WashArt ’79, Washington, DC
Other Realities: The Legacy of Surrealism in Canadian Art, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ontario, Canada House, London, England, Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris, France.
Gallery Artists, Gallery Move, North Vancouver

1978: Surrealism Unlimited (Conroy Maddox and Friends) Camden Arts Centre, London, England
Paperworks, B.C.Government Collection, Canadian Cultural Centers: Paris, London, Brussels

1977: The West Coast Surrealist Group : Gallery Move, North Vancouver

1975: Pacific Rim Consciousness: Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, BC

1974: Canadian West Coast Hermetics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario.
Gallery Artists, Galerie Allen, Vancouver

1973: Canadian West Coast Hermetics, Fine Arts Gallery, University of British Columbia; Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris; Office d’Action Culturel, St. Brieuc, Brittany; Canada House, London; Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi, Belgium

1972: The Private Patron, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby
Mythodromus Avelles Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1971: Vancouver School of Collage: Fine Arts Gallery, UBC, Vancouver
A City Collects, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
First DOL Salon: Avelles Gallery, Vancouver; BC

1970: Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
Colour Optics: Burnaby Art Gallery

1969: Kinetic & Light Sculpture: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC

1969: Focus ‘69: Bau-xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1968: Group shows, Mandan Ghetto Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Spectrum ’68, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver

1967: Mandan Company Presents Western Supplies: Bau-xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC


1996: Artist as Photographer, Photographer as Artist, TECK Gallery Simon Fraser University, Vancouver (with Gerry Shallie)

1976: Student Union Gallery, UBC, Vancouver (with Ted Kingan)

1969: Pandora’s Box Gallery, Victoria (with Don Harvey)


2004:The Secret Garden, Marilyn Mylrea Gallery, Vancouver

1993: Community Arts Council Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1992: Head/Hunter/Simpson(Kevin Head/Miles Hunter) Gallery Alpha West Vancouver

1969: Bau-xi Gallery, Vancouver (with Pierre Coupey & Ron Wattier)

1968: UBC Graduate Centre (with Pierre Coupey & Ken Christopher)


Museo Granell, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Lord Eastleigh Foundation/Monaco Modern Art Museum
Agnes Etherington Art Center, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario
Contemporary Art Gallery of Vancouver
Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, B.C.
Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
Simon Fraser University; Burnaby, B.C.
Vancouver Art Gallery;
Canada Council Art Bank: Ottawa
B.C. Government Collection: Victoria
Christian Petroleum Company, Collection of Edouard Jaguer, (PHASES Movement) Paris; Vancouver; Zentel Corporation, Calgary; and over 100 other private collections in Canada, USA, Europe, and Asia