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Artist's Statement  ::
Having contemplated the artist statement of others, I am finding I have less and less to say about my art. I used to keep a journal, it went on through several notebooks and what I found after a time was that I was too bored by my own writing to reread any of it.

My art is a better form of journal keeping. I donít really understand nist of the time what it is I am trying to say. Like odd dreams they pass through me without my having recognized the meaning. At least I have a far better record of them them than I ever did of my dreams. As time passes they move in and out of prominence for my attentions.

As I get older I find there are a great many experiences that I have no words for. My art fills the function neatly as my record keeper and interpreter..

Pieces by Arriba Stature:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
When I finished high school in 1971 I had not a clue what to do. It took me till 1990 to find my way to art in a series of workshops with Peggy Zehring. I worked sporadically at art until 2002 when I had one of those catastrophic events that turned my life upside down. This is when I became avid about painting. Painting kept me from panic so I stuck with it and this site is the result of perseverance.

Towards the end of 2002 I met my next teacher Mary Tudor. It was she that taught me the value of oil paints and how to use them. Under her guidance I started really understanding what the components of composition were and how to get depth, simplicity and contrast in my pieces.

I continue working, subscribing to the notion, if you work at anything long enough it will become an accomplishment of note.

That said, enjoy.

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