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Gene Felice II

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My photography explores the in-between, the lost details and the worlds within worlds that our everyday experience unfortunately ignores or simply passes by. I am interested in the soft depth of details. I find interest in the textures and patterns of life and how they affect our ways of seeing.

I capture these moments through a collaboration of the traditional means of medium format and 35 mm. photography, combined with the endless possibilities and control of the digital darkroom, again in the exploration of a middle ground, found "in-between" both traditions.

I am constantly searching for the hybrids in life, between the organic and mechanic. I strive to make the connections between these two worlds that visually and texturally illustrate their relationships. Through my extensive travels, my intent is to pursue a universal trail and network of imagery and inspiration

Pieces by Gene Felice II:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

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