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Lina Golan

Artist's Statement  ::
Sounds, colors and shapes have accompanied my journey through life, since the dawn of my childhood. It was clear to me even then, that art would be a way of life for me.

I have studied painting, sculpting and music with wonderful teachers, who helped focus my attention on the fact that art is predominantly about observing and listening.

The essence of my creation is inspired by nature itself --not in the sense of “landscape paintings” but based on events and its mystical qualities: the contrasts, the rhythms, the never-ending transformations, the mystery, the enormous energies – all of which have affected my artistic microcosm.

Being a musician and a painter, I feel there is a wonderful interaction between music and painting where sound can be nourished by color, and a plastic piece “can play”.

Pieces by Lina Golan:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Born in Ukraina, grew up in Poland. Lives and works in Israel, Ashdod.
Teaches painting, sculpture and music (piano).
Member of the Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors
Member of the Art Committee of the Monart Museum-Ashdod

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
Solo Exhibitions
[last exhibitions]
2004- Tel-Aviv,Israel - "Leonardo" gallery
2001- Jerusalem, Israel - Jerusalem Theatre
2000 – Tel-Aviv, Israel - Artist Union Gallery
2000 – Ashdod, Israel - Ashdod Museum {Korin Maman}

Group Exhibitions
[last exhibitions]
December 2005-Florence, Italy-Florence Biennale
August 2005-Santa Barbara, U.S.A.- International Art Center
July 2005 – Leipzig, Germany- Art Gallery
June 2005 – Berlin - International Art Festival
June 2005 - Barcelona Spain - Zero Gallery
May 2005 Arad Biennale - Romania
2004 -Tel-Aviv –Reeding
2004- Art Festival 2004 Chania - Crete