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Jane Grimm

Artist's Statement  ::
My work is meant to stir the intellect. What is the artist saying? What is happening here? What are the objects, and what are they made of? In the Evolution Series, I focus on the effects of forces, internal and external, on objects. Through freeze frame sequence, the evolution of objects in a story board format is explored. Some of the pieces come alive through apparent animation. The work is organic in appearance and therefore lends itself to being presented in display cases reminiscent of those used for scientific specimens. The boxes, aside from serving a useful function of protecting the fragile ceramic objects, are used to give importance to the sequences.

In Landscape Series, I am studying the effects of the imposition of forms on the expanse of an undulating plane. Again the forms are organic, drawn from nature.

I am interested in influencing the viewers' preconception of what ceramic sculptures are, so that they understand that clay is not necessarily synonymous with function or kitsch. I use the seductive qualities of the ceramic medium of color and surface to attract the attention of the viewers so that they will spend time looking a the work and embarking on their own personal journey of discovery.

Pieces by Jane Grimm:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Jane B. Grimm is a ceramic sculptor living and working in San Francisco. She was born and raised there. After her schooling on the east coast, where she studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and where she received her AB from Sarah Lawrence College, she started her career as a jewelry designer and manufacturer in New York City. Her jewelry was seen in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue and sold in many department stores and boutiques in the United States and Europe.

While still living on the East Coast, Jane started working with clay in the early 70's. She also managed to teach jewelry making while she began to raise her family. Upon returning to San Francisco, she continued to make jewelry but embarked on a more intensive study of clay. In 1992 she received her MFA in Ceramics with High Distinction from the California College of Arts and Crafts, having studied with viola Frey and Art Nelson. Her sculpture has been on display nationally in a variety of venues including museums, galleries and alternative spaces. She also has produced art for corporate buildings. Jane's most recent exhibitions have been CCAC Alumni Exhibition at the Oakland International Airport in Oakland, CA, and "Selections" at the Herbst International Exhibition Hall, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA

Jane's hand built sculptures of low fire clay and glazes range in size from intimate to large scale. Color and surface treatment are important factors that she uses to attract the viewer's attention. Duality is a prevalent theme in her work where elements such as light and dark, the obvious and the obscure are juxtaposed. Her work is an exploration of issues in contemporary society, such as concerns about evolution, privacy and prejudice. Humor is used as a reminder to the viewer that, despite adversity, things must not be taken too seriously.