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Aaron Kennison

Artist's Statement  ::
I have taken a journey through photography where I have tried to remove myself from the images I create. I have worked to release myself from the conventions that typify photographic norms. In doing so I have ceased worrying about time and space as constraints to my creativity. By letting go of all convention, I have recast the photographic technique to capture a span of time and space that rely on each other for their existence. Instead of "freezing time" I use time as part of the image itself.

I made this series of images in a time and place that were challenging for typical photography. By letting go of myself and allowing the moment to inspire me, the apparent difficulty became fundamental in the creation of these images. The act of releasing myself to embrace time as a key design element in the creation process in some ways turns traditional photography on its head. The result is somewhere between photo-grams, where space is reduced to silhouette, and photography, where time is "stopped". I have combined these two divergent elements to create a unique result.

Pieces by Aaron Kennison:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Aaron Kennisonís first photographs were with a Kodak Brownie camera borrowed from his grandmother when he was 10 years old. His father, also a photography buff, introduced him to black and white developing and darkroom processes around the same time. Some 28 years later, his interest in photography remains very strong. The journey through photography has taken him to many places, and many formats, from the Stereo Realist 3-D camera to digital infrared. Having participated in photography for over a quarter century, he has gained innumerable experiences that now guide and sharpen his creative eye. These he applies with a dedication and passion for artistry, to every photograph.

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