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Jeanna Ragsdale

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In the most intimate moments in life, a space exists where we can tear down social constructs about who we are and how we should relate to life and love and death. We are presented with an image at birth of who we are to become and exactly how it is that we are to achieve this. This creates a feeling of isolation and separateness from the world around us and from ourselves. We are eager to connect with each other, with nature, and with something greater than ourselves in hopes of realizing the connection we hold to the things around us. It is in the most intimate moments in life that these connections and realizations are made: standing on a mountaintop, a loving embrace, falling in love, the last breath of life before one dies... These moments create a space where an understanding develops about who we are and how we connect to life and to each other. I'm drawn to search out and recreate the space that these moments provide.

Some years back I found myself at the crossroads of two subjects, geography and art. I often find myself trying to define their relationship.

It was pointed out to me that they both share a common element—space. I find myself attracted to light and space—contemplating how our perceptions of and experiences in the natural environment and our connections to others have been blurred in contrast to today's constructed environment.

I like to work in mixed media using industrial and natural materials to further blur the notion of a separate natural and man-made world. My art is an exploration of myself in two contrasting environments. It's an exploration of our connection to the world around us, flooded with memories and experiences that all to often seem disconnected one from another.


how we interpret and define reality with crisp outlines and defined boundaries.

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