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Lisa Strassheim

Artist's Statement  ::
Change is the nature of all things in life. We attempt to control the events in our lives by either remaining rigid to maintain what we have, or by forcefully straining to get what we want.

Yet things remain unpredictable, not of our doing.

Life simply is, changing with infinite possibilities. Each of us perceiving these possibilities in a unique way.

My art reflects the unpredictability of life. Texture, movement, and color created in paint on canvas manipulated with non-traditional tools. Each painting expresses a moment of unforced natural life flow; a life meditation.

Pieces by Lisa Strassheim:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Lisa Strassheim has worked in metals and ceramics and currently explores life meditations in acrylic on canvas using non-traditional painting techniques. Born in Philadelphia in 1956, and orphaned by age 15, she learned that life was unpredictable . She has studied music at Berklee College of Music, liberal arts and sciences from sundry universities, and received her MA in Humanities in 1997 from California State University while working full time as a broadcast engineer. Her main influences stem from her life long spiritual studies. She currently resides in a 16 color Victorian house with her cats.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
Artists Against Aids April 2004
Borders Books and Café, Champaign, IL solo show March 2005
Artists Against Aids April 2005
Café Kopi, Champaign, IL solo show July 2005
Abstract Exposure October 2005
Emerging Artists Group November 2005
Sarah’s Vineyard January 2006
Artists Against Aids April 2006
Dangenart Gallery May 2006