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Petersen S. Thomas

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Pieces by Petersen S. Thomas:

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Biography  ::
For Petersen Thomas, creating visual representations of the world has always been a calling. He discovered early that painting, drawing, and sculpting were opportunities to evoke emotions in others that created lasting impressions.

Thomas’ strength as an artist is his ability to move across genres and defy traditional boundaries. His techniques and styles represent a diverse range of influences from his life’s journey. The tranquility in the crisp still lifes painted at his studio/cabin in Ohio reflect the artist’s meticulous study of subtle beauty in lost a discarded objects. The bold colorfield abstractions “born” at his studio in Boston are reflections of his experience as a corporate attorney and evoke powerful energy through texture and size. He also spent several years painting among the ancient landscapes in Burgsvik, Gotland, and Sweden, and he illustrates children’s textbooks for Cornelsen Verlag in Berlin, Germany.

When asked to discuss “what art is”, he answers “It doesn’t matter. I create not because I want someone to look at what I’ve made and pronounce it “art”, but because a maker of images is what I am. I have a calling, and when I ignore that voice, my life becomes perverse.”

Thomas received his Bachelors of Arts degree at Denison University, Ohio and his Juris Doctor degree from University of Michigan. He was the artist in Residence at Roma Kungsgarn, Gotland Sweden and received the Governor’s Award for Excellence at the Governor’s Art Show in Columbus, Ohio. Exhibitions include: New Art on Newbury, Boston, MA, MiSh Gallery, Columbus, OH, Lemongrass Gallery, Columbus, OH, NorDys Gallery, Birmingham, AL, Karen Lynne Gallery, Boca Raton, FL, “The Nude 2002,” Loudoun House Gallery, Lexington, KY, “Drawing from Perception IV,” Wright State University Art Galleries, Dayton, OH, and Fidelity Investment Building, Boston, MA.

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