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David Tycho

Artist's Statement  ::
Despite the efforts of art theorists, critics and historians to fill libraries with ideas concerning the nature of art, words always fall short, and in many cases miss the mark entirely. Words and painting, it seems, have never made good companions. This is particularly true of abstract painting, which tends to resist accurate or meaningful interpretation. At the end of the day, there is only the painting, the viewer, and silence. This enigma is what sustains my interest in abstract painting.

Although my work often contains external references—a horizon line for example—it is not so much concerned with the nature of landscape as it is with the process of painting and the expressive potential of paint. The natural or built environments are used as starting points from which each painting evolves and transforms, until the external references are subdued by elements of abstract expressionist painting. The paintings are ultimately explorations of line, color, form and gesture, and their ability to elicit emotional or spiritual responses. They are intended to be viewed as one would listen to instrumental music, without feeling a need to attach a meaning or narrative.

Pieces by David Tycho:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
David Tycho was born in Vancouver B.C. in 1959. He attended UBC from 1977 to 1983, where he studied painting under Gordon Smith. After working through a number of Modernist styles, he arrived at his personal interpretation of figurative expressionism, which remained his focus until moving to Asia in 1984.

In Kyoto, David was exposed to Shodo, a Japanese style of calligraphic painting. He was particularly intrigued by the paintings of Zen monks, whose fluid, gestural brushwork often renders the characters illegible, and ultimately abstract. At the same time, he was also inspired by the paintings of Robert Motherwell, and David soon began to explore abstraction for himself.

In 1990, David began working through a number of abstract styles: from gestural, painterly expressionism, to hard-edged minimalism.

Since 1995, David has made numerous sojourns into wilderness areas, from the austere deserts of Nevada to the coastal rainforests of British Columbia. Forms and colours of the natural environment have found their way onto his palette, and, in combination with intuitive aesthetic impulses, the resulting works are a synthesis of landscape painting and total abstraction.

In addition to painting, David is an often-published writer of articles on art and wilderness travel, and winner of the 2001 Canadian Literary Award for a personal essay on The Great Basin Desert. He has also written seven feature length screenplays, two novels, and numerous short stories.

David now divides his time between painting, writing, teaching, cycling and hiking. He currently lives in Vancouver with his wife Chiyoko and son Sean.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::

2006 GBR Museum, Manila, Philippines
1998 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1998 Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
1996 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1995 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1995 City of Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, British Columbia
1994 Doheny Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
1993 Alexander Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia


2005 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
2004 “Group Painting”, Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, California
2003 “Abstracte Elegant”, Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, California
“Group Painting”, Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
2002 “The Night Eclectic”, Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, California
2001 Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
2000 Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1998 “La Galerie du Projet”, Geneva, Switzerland
1997 Hong Kong Bank of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia
1995 “Space, Time, Spirit”, Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia
1994 Galerie Woltzen, Edmonton, Alberta
Shepard Gallery, Whistler, British Columbia
1989 “Images and Objects”, B.C. Festival of the Arts, Chilliwack, British Columbia
“Awards Show”, Arts Council Gallery, New Westminster, British Columbia
1984 “Richmond Interpretations”, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, British Columbia
“Me”, Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia


GBR Museum, Manila, Philippines
City of Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, British Columbia
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
Burnaby Public Library, Burnaby, British Columbia
YMCA Language School, Vancouver, British Columbia
Pacific Language Institute, Vancouver, B.C. and Toronto, Ontario
Stikeman Elliott Lawyers, Vancouver, British Columbia

...in addition to numerous private collections in Canada, the U.S.A., Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Philippines and the U.K.

SELECTED MEDIA about and by David Tycho

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“The Role of the Artist”, Mensa Conference, Richmond B.C., November 2002
“Reading the Land”, Meadowlark Festival, Pentiction B.C., May 2002
“Roads to Abstraction”, City of Richmond Art Gallery, February, 1995
Art instructor, Vancouver School Board, Vancouver B.C., 1990 – 1991
Art instructor, Dorset College, Vancouver B.C., 1988 – 1990


Graduate, University of British Columbia, B.Ed. in Fine Arts Education, 1983.
Studied painting under Gordon Smith.


Born in Vancouver. Travelled extensively in Asia, North America and Europe. A frequently published and Canadian Literary Award winning writer, as well as an avid hiker, cyclist and marathon runner. Currently lives in Vancouver.