Abstract Earth Gallery

SculpturePainting & DrawingFiber and Paper

Mona Kolesar

Artist's Statement  ::
These abstract wall installations are composed of natural materials and inspired by forces of nature themes. Art that has a sense of permanence in our fast changing, temporal world is at the core of my work. The rock, slate and metal evoke a feeling of strength, power and presence that appeals to the senses. The compositional elements create a drama of their own through the juxtaposition of shapes. Textures, lines and masses. The combining of these sensuous materials is the palette for my expression.

Pieces by Mona Kolesar:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
2001: Winter Gardens, Ohio State University-Newark, OH
1999: Unitarian Invitational, Westshore Unitarian-Lakewood, OH
1997: Seventh Anniversary Exhibition, Sculpture Center-Cleveland, OH
1995: Woman's Caucus for Art, Owens Illinois-Toledo, OH
1993: New Blood Wood Exhibition, Murray State University-Murray, KY
1993: Fragile Environment: Artist's Reaction, Cultural Arts Center- Athens, OH
1989: Invitational Group Show, Fiori Gallery-Cleveland, OH