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Hans Rietenbach

Artist's Statement  ::
Having grown up in Germany during Hitler's time, I was denied the experience of learning about modern art; i.e. abstract expressionism. The desire to paint has existed since I was a small boy. Art, to me, is a means of living a life. I hope to make my paintings interesting to myself and hope, every time, for a small surprise or some revelation to happen, of course, all in my own academic language. Combinations arise and move together through forms, lines, patterns, textures, colors and values. As I work on one painting, thoughts are visually stimulated to create differences for the next painting. Giving new birth before the old one is wrapped up. This perpetual titillation is what I desire in my work.

Pieces by Hans Rietenbach:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
1998: One-Man Show Overasbach, Nurnberg, Germany
1995: Columbus Art League Board Show, Columbus, Ohio
1994: Dusseldorf Aquarell-Austellung, Germany
1992: One-Man Show-Kaliningrad Museum, Russia
1988 Ebbert Gallery, Coronado, California
1979: One-Man Show