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Alice Egoyan

Artist's Statement  ::

Dreams are the source of our past, present, and future. Through art, rebirth is always achievable. Each new phase in the development is exciting, even though the change is inevitably accompanied by difficulty- the same way that a butterfly is faced with the challenge of freeing itself from its chrysalis. Art is a continuing force that neither life nor death can touch, a visual impression of the process of our existence.


I work with a variety of media. Those which I prefer are pastel, pen and ink, gouache, acrylic, and oil stick. My images are typically composed of many layers, multidimensional, magnifying some of the smallest fragments of my surroundings. I tend to focus on strong presence and intimacy. I love textures which I can almost feel with my eyes, with all their imperfections and irregularities, as well as those which are more symmetrically aligned and bold.


The jellyfish symbolizes graceful movement, the type of movement Id like to wash through all my artwork in some form. The simplicity and fluidity of the jellyfish attracts me. My love for dance is a love for motion and expanding the boundaries of physical form. The jellyfish is the elemental dancer with lithe tentacles, or skirted oral arms, shaped like a box or a bell, maybe something else. Its translucency is the composition of the soul. Certain jellies are bioluminescent, which means they produce their own light. Sometimes you must produce your own light or you will never find your way through the darkness.


My nature is to explore and analyze, and so I like to see why things are as they are, to peer deep inside them and examine them layer by layer. If I had to choose one model for my work, it would be the onion, because it represents best how I look at the world and people in general: composed of many layers of different thicknesses, some more transparent than others, which are slowly peeled away to reveal the true core. This is where we discover what makes people different. What connects us is visible everywhere but what makes us unique individuals who take advantage of our separateness is something you have to work to find and work to show. Who we are at the core is where I look.


When I entered a "dark period" in my life, art helped me repair the damage. It isn't finished, nor ever will be. Life is a succession of small births and deaths, some things harder to let go of than others. With this passage in mind, art can be seen as a way to ritualize these arrivals and departures, as well as all the beautiful betweens. Art continues to be my healing refuge, an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, and a method for processing my world. The more I've expressed, the more I've been able to see my world with a clarity I never before possessed. Creating art is a spiritual experience for me, meaning it comes from a place that I don't always understand in a way that can be explained. Sometimes, it can only be painted or drawn. And therein lies the reason I do what I do.

Pieces by Alice Egoyan:

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