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Blake Jackson

Artist's Statement  ::
My paintings are exploration of deep levels of creative experience. By allowing free expression to occur, images emerge that could not have been planned.

Meditation, and an ongoing fascination with psychology, influence my work. While painting, my intention is to remain open to the universal level of being. At times I see images that suggest other dimensions, and my own awakening. Often I realize that my personal unconscious process has taken over. Navigating this rich space, I observe challenges, conflicts, and past experience taking form.

Large canvases and papers provide the space needed for my "dance". Colors flow with the spontaneous element of oil washes and watercolor.

My hope is that I can offer a view into the journey that is the human experience; a glimpse of the collective consciousness that we all share, reaching deeply into the heart of the matter to create a beautiful painting.

Pieces by Blake Jackson:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.