Abstract Earth Gallery

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Ariel Teitelbaum

Artist's Statement  ::
This series is based on images of human and plant cells. The microscopic view of ordinary objects not only reveals the building blocks of our world but also functions another world entirely. The body's unconscious motions (blood pumping, skin growing) exist in a world that is both foreign and familiar. By looking at life in a magnified manner, my paintings become unique abstract worlds.

Each painting is begun by sewing the canvas so that when the piece is complete, there is a textured layer underneath. After I finish painting, I embroider over certain areas. This allows the painting to be seen through the embroidery and gives an impression of movement. The embroidered shapes sometimes function as a large mass and other times as individual cells that appear to be floating above their painted environment.

I am influenced by the artist Yayoi Kusama because of the manner in which she uses color and the way she builds up dense patterns and marks. My work tends to have repeated shapes and seems similar to Kusama's net paintings of the 1970s. I am also influenced by Georgia O'Keefe because of her smooth manner of painting. Though the content of O'Keefe's paintings is dissimiliar to mine, our work shares a sense of color and form.

Pieces by Ariel Teitelbaum:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.