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Ludo Vanroy

Artist's Statement  ::
My graphical work is often based on images of my daily confrontation with the real or virtual world. Photos from magazines, images as a deposit from reports coming from condensed media messages. They are decoded, transformed and set apart in memory until they are ready for use. Some images are cellared for years like good wine until they are suitable for optimal use, with personal comments or by omission of specific information. What remains is a strong mix of abstract associative poetry and logical intuitive links. The significance of the image is on/at the surface. Significance which is in first instance contained in the image itself- its intentionality-and secondly, also comes from the viewer, who approaches the image as a given that provides space for interpretation.

The printmaking process gives also a lot of space for chance and coincidences and I'm still surprised with what I see when lifting a first print from the press.

Pieces by Ludo Vanroy:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.