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Cesar Yarleque

Artist's Statement  ::
I recall that when I was seven years old I made a drawing about my natal city, Guayaquil, Ecuador. If I am not mistaken, the drawing showed children crying and old rustic houses in the background. When I showed the drawing to my aunt and mother, they said "oh look, this child has talent, we should send him to art school. As strange it may sound like, I remember that moment almost every day of my life. Because of that, on the spring of 2000 I started painting. By the way, I did not go to art school, but pursued other studies.

It has been almost three years ever since I started painting and I have noticed that I have evolved quite a lot during this period. I have worked on different styles of paintings such as surrealism, cubism, abstract, and abstract cubism. It was until the summer of 2002 that I created a series of painting called "my colorful mind" in which I combine abstract with cubism using vibrant colors. In this series show what kind of person I am by using symbolism. For instance, I usually use a bird to express freedom, an orange slice to express creativity, a watermelon to represent fertility, a clock to represent that many artists gain recognition only after their death.

One of my goals is to become a recognized artist and to show my paintings all over the world. Also, I work as a science teacher in a New York City high school. So, my time is scarce to create. Last but not least, I have sold my paintings to collectors from the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, and Colombia.

Pieces by Cesar Yarleque:

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