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Francoise Issaly

Artist's Statement  ::
Inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of the middle way, I create a visual space where realities overlap each others.

I try to bring to the fore an aesthetic of the ‘in between’ where the eye is capable of perceiving two worlds simultaneously, the same way we are capable of seeing on a window glass the refection of a lighted interior and, at the same moment, in transparency, all that is happening outside.

It is through the use of the line that I materialize this encountering. I use it as a demarcation, a reference. The line, because of its role, is a space and form maker, as well as a separator. It differentiates, shows, divides, as well as associates and points at. In my work, because of the division it creates, it allows me to be at the edge of the seen/unseen, the lightness/darkness, the known/unknown. It is, the most of the time, the ridge of an undefined and mysterious shape. Inspired of a body or purely abstract, it points to a space that, without it, will not be seen.

Since 2000, my research proceeds through fragmentation. Each square is individually link to the others even if physically separated by a neutral space, the wall. The lines are then cut, not appearing as one. In dividing each piece in several parts, I create coincidences. Everything is happening in the encountering, correspondences, parts missing and the suggested spaces. The action of fragmenting gives another mysterious dimension ; what is happening in between the different parts? The eye is participating in the bursting of the piece. The art work becomes difficult to physically grasp. The whole, containing sometimes more emptiness than fullness, is questioning the physical identity of the art work as well as its limitations and its presence.

Pieces by Francoise Issaly:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.