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Kye Carbone

Artist's Statement  ::
I am intrigued by the elusive nature of color, in how it affects us in ways concrete and abstract. The fact that we identify objects and experiences with color speaks to its power of association. Color gives clarity and resonance to time and place, emoting the senses and creating mood, sensation and texture. Color can be used symbolically; when used in the abstract it defines space (real and imagined), creating the illusion of depth and movement. The relativity of color is the overriding theme in my work, its subject shaping both content and form.

The twenty-five works on exhibit investigate and explore notions about color. They were created between Fall 1999 and Spring 2001. Each is framed, organized "window" in space, and abstract distillation of layered and shallow space-a marriage of mark, division and color. Formal considerations about inherent color properties (i.e. hue, temperature, intensity and value) determine each color's presence in the overall pictorial space; the paintings' facture and structure tied inextricably to these characteristics. Specific geometric divisions and proportions (notably the golden section), organize this pictorial space, Subtle shifts in hue, temperature, intensity and value ( often within a very limited range) soften the painting's strict geometry.

Pieces by Kye Carbone:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Artwork in many private and corporate collections including: Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and Philip Morris.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
2002: Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences (Maria-Christina Villasenor, Guggenheim Museum, Juror
2002: Chautauqua Center for the Visual Arts, NY (Robert Starr, MOMA, Juror)
2001: Schlafer Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
2001 55 Mercer Gallery, NYC
2001: Object Image Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2001: The Painting Center NYC
2001: Pratt Gallery, Puck Building, NYC
2001: Chung-Cheng Gallery, St. John's Univ. NY
2000: Prism Gallery, Port Jefferson, NY
1999: 55 Mercer Gallery, NYC
1999: Schoharie County Arts Council, Cobleskill, NY (Francis Barth, Yale, Juror
1999: 26-21 Gallery, NYC
1998: 55 Mercer Gallery, NYC
1998: La Guardia Gallery, Brooklyn College, NY
1997: LaGuardia Gallery, Brooklyn College, NY