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Pauline Landmesser

Artist's Statement  ::
For me, the act of painting is a joyful dance between the visual manifestations of the physical world and my emotional resp0onses to them. The process flows like a river: it fills and empties, sometimes rushing forward; sometimes plodding along: constantly twisting and turning in ever surprising ways, until it finally connects to a more cohesive and expansive whole. I am in perpetual flux between creating dischord, and reconciling opposites. I continually give and take: orchestrating the elements into a song of love.

I anticipate some structure lying underneath as I paint, but never plan or contrive. How can one contrive a numinous connection? The content of my paintings spring from some unknown time and place, before onsciouseness: beyond senses. Once the process begins, I like to "go with it" , and enjoy the outcome.

I have always been fascinated with primitive design and archaic cultures. Many of my paintings are "choc-full" of ancient symbols and variations of form that emerge from the archetypal memory. The colors I use arise from some unfathomable depths of past experience and I set out to finely tune them to create an expression of the delight of my soul.

The very perception of my art is what gibes it meaning. Some folks are like fish in a bowl, who are content to perceive all of life as the confines of that fishbowl. Meaning cannot be found where it isn't wanted. In order to enjoy my work, one must be open to unimaginable possibilities.

I consider my paintings to be a visual interpretation of the mysterious and wondrous world we encounter, and a communication of the bliss of my participation in it.

Pieces by Pauline Landmesser:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Although Pauline has her degree in physical therapy, ever since she could remember, art was always on her mind; drawing in charcoal and colored pencil and painting in oils and acrylics.
After working as a physical therapist for 10 years, she deci8ded to spend more time developing as an artist.
She studied with locally recognized artists and teachers and read and researched independently for years.
She became affiliated with the "Premier Image Gallery" in Ashland, MA, and the Milford Arts Center in Milford, MA, winning various awards for her Still-Life oil paintings, and appearing in the local papers.
More recently, she has developed a unique abstract style of painting, featuring beautiful, unexpected combinations of color and form. She is also the art teacher and Director of Scenic Design for the Milford Performing Arts Center, and teaches at in the Milford Elementary schools.