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Lucjan Kowalewski

Pieces by Lucjan Kowalewski:

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Biography  ::
Lucjan Kowalewski was born in 1950 in Biała Prudnicka in Poland. Although he never studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, art critics quickly recognized his interesting works and in 1981 he was accepted as a member of the Union of Polish (professional) Artists and Designers. He has taken part in several exhibitions of Polish art. Now he is one of the most interesting Polish painters. He also creates sculptures (mainly in bronze), ceramics and does interior decorating.
Works in museums, private collections and galleries: Poland, England, Japan, Sweden, Canada, Australia, USA, Italy.
It's almost impossible to classify Kowalewski's works. They remind one of abstract art but can't be described with any well - known terms although a connoisseur's eye will notice that his usage of light and color is similar to the manner of post impressionists (though the paintings themselves have nothing to do with them).
Kowalewski is fascinated by older masters, such as Dutch masters of light. This is also seen in the artist's techniques, his precise brushwork, interesting canvas texture and subtle and elaborate lines that sometimes appear on canvas, which are reminiscent of 17th century engravings. He sometimes blends tones and sometimes places the strokes of contrasting colors directly side by side. Bright shapes which occasionally look like dry leaves, butterflies' cocoons or misty clouds in the mountains are usually placed on dark backgrounds. It creates a special, carefully studied atmosphere.
Everything is done to perfection. Kowalewski doesn't use any obsessive symbols. Instead of them he introduces surprising, sophisticated, poetical titles which explain the hidden meaning of his visions and signify the artist's presence in front of the spectator. The titles and paintings fuse into each other, telling us what the artist thinks about life, the existence of man, about his own problems, thoughts and the loneliness of his soul. Because of that, the canvases live their own lives, griping and fascinating the observer. They aren't, simply decorative pieces of art.
A keen viewer will also notice in his works some kind of relationship with nature and the universe. It probably results from the artist's environment. Kowalewski lives in one of the most beautiful parts of Poland. A famous spa. Krościenko, on the Dunajec river in the Pieniny Mountains.