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Artist's Statement  ::
Marco moves from painting with acrylics, mixed media and watercolor to sculpture with the ease of a Renaissance artist. His choices of mediums help him describe the subject while using his own frame of mind to guide the “mood” in a work of art.
Marco is continuing his series of sailboats, seascapes and ocean view paintings. “I find the lines of a sailboat and its interaction with the water very exciting. No matter if the boats are moored or racing, I can’t seem to get enough of the images and the joy of painting them. I try to get the audience into the action of the ship, the wind and water rushing by, spraying them with the break of the bow waves. Can you just smell and taste the ocean?”
Marco has an evocative style mixing an abstracted, impressionistic realism with a surreal feeling. He is accomplished in his style in both painting and relief works of art. He still works in sculpture using ceramic, wood, cardboard and metal as his mediums.
Marco is available for commissioned work. It is possible to get a photograph painted in his style into a personalized gift.

Pieces by Marcos:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Born and raised in New York City, he attended Brooklyn Museum of Art and Long Island University (LIU). He won numerous awards during his school years and has participated in many art exhibitions at LIU. He continues exhibiting his work not only in galleries and also shows his works in his own Internet gallery.
“Due to my past business success and the inspiration of the September 11th catastrophe, I have dedicated my life to Art and assisting other living artists in marketing their work on the World Wide Web. I support living artist! Who knows, it couldn’t hurt!”
Marco is an accomplished CPA who has partnered in various computer and software firms. He holds the title of “Top Salesman” in Internet and marketing firms.
Currently residing in San Diego he continues to study his far reaching interest at the Arts College International (ACI) with other well known artists, such as, Stuart W. Burton, Reed Cardwell, Damon Hitchcock and Mary Carin.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
ACI Gallery San Diego CA
AI Gallery San Diego CA
Art Encounter Gallery Las Vegas NV
San Diego Watercolor Society. San Diego CA
East Village Wellness Gallery. San Diego CA