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Michal Ashkenasi

Pieces by Michal Ashkenasi:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Michal Ashkenasi was born in the Netherlands. She was 5 years old when, due to World-War II, she was separated from her family and was hidden by several Christian families till the end of the war. After her entire family, except for one sister, was murdered, she was sent to an orphanage.
She finished High School in Holland and in 1951 immigrated to Israel. She is a widow and has 2 married sons and 5 grandchildren.
She completed her art-studies at the Haifa University, after which she worked for 2 years with the late artist and teacher G. Davidovitz. After his death, she worked for several years with the known Israeli artist J. Zim at the “Horev Studio” in Haifa. In 1990 she moved to the Artist Colony in Sefad, where, as a member of the colony, she had her own studio and exhibition – gallery. Nowadays she lives in the center of Israel and works at home.
From 1987 she is a member of The Israeli Association of Painters and Sculptors. She did several one-man exhibitions in Israel as well as in Europe, and participates in group- exhibitions regularly.
Her works were purchased by private collections all over the world.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
2003: Ophir Gallery , Tel Aviv
2002: Elah , Tel Aviv
2001: GALERIA D’ART ZERO, Barcelona, Spain
2000: Danon Gallery, Tel – Aviv
1999: Beth Asia, Tel- Aviv
1990: Zeist, Holland
1988: Mofet Gallery, Jerusalem
1987: Beth Halochem , Haifa