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Ana Barbos

Artist's Statement  ::
My art works are based on themes that draw my attention like: the tree theme, the sun theme, the weather theme, the city theme. In every painting I had made, the color become more important to me then the theme. I like large paintings because they grant you a bigger freedom of expressing your self. I like to put the color on the canvas overlaid layers because that way the color is more consistent.

Pieces by Ana Barbos:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
Personal Exhibitions
2002: Prin Venetia
2001: Forma culoare
2000: Interferente
1999: Arbori
1995: Bucharest

Group Exhibitions
1985-2003: Art Gallerie and Art Museum in Ploiesti
1985-1990: UAP Bucharest Young; artist exhibitions and contests
1985-1989: Simeza Gallerie, Apollo Gallerie, Natinal Thetre in Bucharest

Selected Awards:  ::
Dominus 1997; Gheorghe Petrascu