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Patt Dalbey

Artist's Statement  ::
Working with colors and shapes and balancing the two is why I paint. Besides the feel of brush and paint on canvas or paper - this is my focus and aim while I'm painting. Discovering how two or many colors work beautifully together is exciting to me. I like to use shapes that are symbols in life. The hand, circle and spiral all represent elements that run through our lives daily. As I continue to paint I will keep adding these and other symbols as part of the visual interest I have in them and also the emotional and spiritual meanings they have.

Pieces by Patt Dalbey:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
I began painting and drawing when I was very young. Doodling was the first form of art I took on. I decided to advance that effort into a more satisfying way of working and eventually started painting. First with oils, then watercolor and now I have realized that the use of acrylic paint creates best what I'm envisioning.
I studied Journalism at the University of Minnesota - with an emphasis on the graphics arts. What I found was that I enjoyed using paint, pen and pencil to create graphic design. I've continued this focus to this day and have worked as an illustrator and painter.
Eight years ago I began working with an agent to use my work in the illustration world. I found that I could make somewhat of a living doing this and I put painting on canvas in the background for a number of years. Most of my illustration is hand painted, but I have now returned to what I love most and I have chosen to show what I have painted through galleries. I continue to work in illustraton - and also add new paintings to my collection continually.
I am currently showing my work at Art Holdings Gallery in Minneapolis. My work is available for individual clients and I would also be available to do custom pieces for corporate and home spaces.
As an illustrator I have sold to and worked with Target, General Mills, Nordstroms, Honeywell, MCI, American Express and a number of hospitals and retail companies.
I live with my two children in Minneapolis. They're always an inspiration to me and I hope I show them that it's important and wonderful to be able to do what you love.