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Jennifer Miller

Artist's Statement  ::
This recent body of mixed media work uses water based media (watercolor, ink, modeling paste) for the first layer and is covered with a varying thickness of encaustic wax. They explore memory and imagination through the use of grid-like passages or mazes that lead to hidden spaces. Light and dark, warm and cool, play off one another creating mystery, as the encaustic further enhances this by “hiding” the first layer and creating depth. These pieces were borne from an excitement for adventure, mystery and exploration of the real and imagined.
The maze or grid as a metaphor for life can have positive and negative implications, however. There are pleasant places to hide and keep secrets, explore and find treasure. On the other hand one can also be literally separated from something or someone who would, under normal circumstances, be in full view beside you. Secrets kept here may no longer be of the innocent kind. There is pain and beauty wrapped into these worlds of compartmentalization.

Pieces by Jennifer Miller:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.