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Laura Nolan

Artist's Statement  ::
I once saw a painting by Matisse that was so beautiful, it moved me to tears. My perception of colors and beauty became so much more alive at that very moment. It was an utterly fantastic experience that changed my life. This is the wonder and magic of art.

I enjoy many forms of art; especially music. Invisible sound waves travel through space, and enhance my world. It's a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze me. I love all kinds of music, including jazz and its improvisational expression.

Improvisation is something I often to use in painting. When it's not planned, it's fun to see where it goes and it stays exciting. It's like going out to play when you were a kid... when you didn't know what you were going to do, but you knew you would have fun.

Pieces by Laura Nolan:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
My Education:
Mostly Self Taught
Extension at UCLA with Selma Moskowitz
Pierce College with Bob Stoller
Learning Tree University with René Amitai

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
1997 West Coast Artists - CA
1998 Salon Gallery - Tustin, CA
1999 Lawrence Gallery - Beverly Hills, CA
1999 Liza Williams - San Antonio, TX
1999 Orlando Gallery - Studio City, CA
2000 Salon Gallery - Tustin, CA
2001 Prospect of Art - L.A., CA
2001 City Gallery - L.A., CA
2001 Orlando Gallery - Tarzana, CA
2002 City Gallery - L.A., CA
2002 Creativedecour - Aspen, CO
2002 Secret Rose Theater - No. Hollywood, CA
2003 Abstract Earth Gallery - Abstractearth.com
2003 Lankershim Art Gallery - No. Hollywood, CA
2004 Art For Movies Gallery - Artformovies.com
2004 Regent Showcase Theater - L.A., CA
2005 Art For Movies Gallery - Artformovies.com
2005 Regent Showcase Theater - L.A., CA
2005 Insight Yoga - Pasadena, CA