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Joan Maxcy

Artist's Statement  ::
My life is an exploration into the nature of reality and human consciousness. My work is a manifestation of my understanding of these things - a visual reflection of my mind. The focus for thirty years has been the human form because it is my belief that humanity is the highest vehicle through which Light informs this planet, thus it is the ultimate subject for aesthetic investigation. As such I have trained myself to execute the figure with anatomical precision. As my proficiency grew, the dilemma became to place the figure within a transcendent field, removing it from its consensually recognized reality. This "transcendent field", the screen upon which Life is projected, is now emerging as my primary concern. I am working currently at developing a new iconography that expresses the "space" in which consciousness, in its myriad forms, exists - a multidimensional reality of Color, Form, Light, Power, Cosmic Ideation. It is my hope to give my viewers an experience of consciousness unfettered by form, of worlds within worlds beyond the space-time continuum.

Pieces by Joan Maxcy:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Listed in Who's Who of American Women
Developed and received grants to execute an art apprenticeship program for elementary, middle and high school students
Conducted workshops for students and teachers for the Kennedy Center's Imagination Celebration
Created Art-in-the-Park programs for the Navarro Arts Council, TX
Given workshops and talks for several Dallas area schools as well as setting up and coordinating interactive programs for Arts Magnet Schools
Created and executed several artist-in-residency programs for Young Audiences of Dallas
Conducted workshops for City Art Festival of the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City of Dallas
Received many public and private commissions.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
1998: Group show at State Street Gallery, Dallas, TX
1997: "A Space Time: The Fourth Dimension" at The MAC (McKinney Avenue Contemporary), Dallas, TX
1996: Three-person show at Arthaus Gallery, Dallas, TX Group Show with Major Artery at the Art Bar, Dallas, TX
1995: Two-person show with Adkins Hoover Gallery, Dallas, TX Group show with Majory Artery, Theatre Three, Dallas, TX DARE Invitational at The MAC, Dallas, TX
1994: Solo show at Millennium Gallery, Dallas, TX Group show with Major Artery, The Centrum, Dallas, TX
1993: Solo show at The Carver Cultural Center, San Antonio, TX
Group show with Major Artery, The Centrum, Dallas, TX
1991: Solo show at Dallas Arts Academy, Dallas, TX
1990: Solo show at White Horse Gallery, Dallas, TX
1989: Solo show at Southern Methodist University, Human Resources Group show at New Age Space, Miami, FL "Men by Women" Dallas Women's Caucus for the Arts
1986: Critic's Choice Show, D'Art, Dallas, TX TX Fine Art Assoc. Juried Show, City Hall, Dallas, TX