Abstract Earth Gallery

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Jay Ames

Artist's Statement  ::
In these abstract works I am exploring the mystery of a moment. Through balance and tension a dynamic sense of action is created, as in a representational drama painting. In each piece the intricacies of an event of psychological or spiritual power is rendered. I leave the painting or sculpture when there is an ambiguous sense of something happening, leaving a suggestion or implication rather than a statement, as in a partially remembered dream.
Each piece starts as a journey, an exploration. Some evolve and change as I work to clarify and refine the piece. Marks arrive by accident; nothing stays by accident.
Like other artists I have developed a personal language of colors and shapes, a language I constantly expand and juxtapose in new ways. The spherical shapes suggest a centering, calm, or hope. The dark and broken areas, fears. The overlapping planes suggest shifts in perception, the straight lines, a sudden awakening jolt.
I feel I have succeeded with a piece when the ambiguities of space and time lead me to question levels of experience-rational, emotional and mystical which exist simultaneously. A painting or sculpture can “freeze a moment” in a representational illusion and in the artist’s gestures. I want to take the skin off a moment, see inside and show it.

Pieces by Jay Ames:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
2003: Windham Area Arts Collaborative Windham, CT 17 paintings and two sculptures in 2 person show
2002: Jorgensen Gallery, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT juried summer show
2002: Graduate Student Show, Arcus Gallery, Central CT State University
2001: Jorgensen Gallery, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT juried summer show
1999: ARC show, Kingswood-Oxford Gallery,Farmington, CT (group exhibition)
1987-1990: A Horse of a Different Color Gallery, Westerly, RI
1989: Populous Pudding Gallery, Willimantic, CT (solo)
1988: Atria Gallery Hartford, CT (invitational)
1987: Design Studio A, Jamaica Plain, MA (two artist)
1987: Atria Gallery Hartford, CT (invitational)
1986: Atria Gallery Hartford, CT (invitational)
1985: Ideal Form Gallery, Rockville, CT (solo)
1983: Mark A Gallery, Teaneck NJ (invitational)
1983: Homer Babbidge Library, University of CT, (invitational)
1983: The Art Barn, Greenwich, CT (juried)
1982: Atria Gallery, Alumni show, University of CT(invitational)
1981: Windham,Hospital, exhibition spaces, (solo)
1981: Ct. Bank & Trust, Darien, CT (solo)
1979: Temple Beth El, East Hartford, CT (juried)
1978: Alinco Gallery, Soho, NY (invitational)