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James Wodarek

Artist's Statement  ::
When painting, I experience an internal balance and harmony. The process of creating art is much like a process of self-discovery. All of your influences, every defining moment in your life becomes part of that process. The work you create is a record of that time, that perfect moment of balance in which you are closest to the essence of who you truly are in this life. External characteristics and stereotypes are replaced by ideals and passion. The process of creating art is the purest form of communication because it comes directly from the soul. This is something that transcends geography, social classes, finances or other earthly boundaries.

Pieces by James Wodarek:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
2005: Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Sewickley PA
2004: Boxheart Gallery; Pittsburgh, PA
2004: Andy Warhol Museum - AMP 2004, Pittsburgh, PA
2003: Boxheart Gallery; Bloomfield, PA
2002: Centre Art Gallery; Pittsburgh, PA
2002: Les Idees Gallery; Pittsburgh, PA
2002-2003: Panza Gallery; Millvale, PA
2002: Boxheart Gallery; Bloomfield, PA