Abstract Earth Gallery

SculpturePainting & DrawingFiber and Paper

Ephraim Penniston

Artist's Statement  ::
I see art as a form of communication that speaks to the inner silence within. This form of communication is one that may be understood on various levels; no matter what language we speak. Through this abstract form of language I strive to inspire, influence, and bring awareness to others. Art helps to quiet the mind, which in turn opens new areas of imagination and reason: two opposing sections of the mind that should work in harmony with each other.
My work is greatly influenced by the intricacies and beauty of nature. Nature, being a broad subject includes landscapes of fields and mountains to universal phenomena such as the stars, the seasons, cycles, creation, and death. Equally as influential are dreams, perception, our expandable consciousness, and the unknown.
I find life fascinating and mysterious as it pushes me to create. Along this path of exploring life’s secrets I am driven to share and express what I find or what intrigues me.

Pieces by Ephraim Penniston:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.