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Oliver Harwood

Artist's Statement  ::
I am a professional sculptor who lives on the East Coast and specializes in stone sculpture. I am set up in a 40’ by 45’ studio so I can handle large scale carving year round whatever the conditions.
I attained my BFA through Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax in 1996 and have twice studied and carved in Italy. I always enjoy the opportunity to work in Italian studios and always ship back stone when I return.
I enjoy carving stone because I find it is a very versatile material. I often push the material to its structural limits to attain a certain effect. My work ranges from portable to monumental and though I will at time include some aspects of realism into a piece, my pure form of expression finds its voice in a range of abstract explorations. I work in almost every type of stone from marble to granite and choose the stone according to the subject and final location of the work. I continually create new sculptures and bodies of work for exhibitions even while undertaking large commissions. I am currently enjoying designing and carving several large scale fountains for municipalities. Like anything, moving into large scale sculpture is as much a mental challenge as a physical one. I find that with every piece I complete I open up a new potential for further discovery. One of the really great things about stone sculpture is it can be designed for outside. All my work is one of a kind, I never repeat a piece even when asked to. The sculptures that I create are a physical representation of my time and current thoughts though many people relate to the work in their own way. To me, a successful sculpture is firstly when I am happy with it and secondly when others can relater to it. Creating sculpture has been and will continue to be a major focus of my life.

Pieces by Oliver Harwood:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
2002: June 7 to July 5, “Flesh and Stone” solo exhibition, Gallery78; Fredericton, New Brunswick
2001: May 25 to June 25, “Manumit” solo exhibition, Sussex Museum Gallery; Sussex, New Brunswick
2001: February 8 to February 28, “Couples and Lovers” group exhibition, Gallery 78; Fredericton, New Brunswick
2000: August 26 to December 31, “A new way of Thinking” group exhibition, Break of Day Gallery; Sussex, New Brunswick
2000: June 25 to August 18, “Invitational” Joint exhibition, Joie de Vivre; Riverside Albert, New Brunswick
1999: “The Nude” group exhibition, Peter Buckland Gallery; Saint John, New Brunswick
1996: “Selected Works” solo exhibition, Gallery on the Water; Halifax, Nova Scotia
1996: ”Formations” solo exhibition, Anna Leonowens Gallery; Halifax, Nova Scotia
1996: “Experiential Preliminaries” solo exhibition, Anna Leonowens Gallery; Halifax, Nova Scotia

Selected Awards:  ::
2002: Arts Atlantic Review, Fall edition, “Flesh and Stone”
2000: Emerging Artist Creation Grant, New Brunswick Arts Board.
1997: Peoples Choice Award, Port Hawksbury Art Symposium.
1996: New Brunswick Visual Arts Scholarship.
1995: Emily Ross Off Campus Scholarship.