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Kevin Box

Artist's Statement  ::
We are the mechanism through which creation finds its way into the fulfillment of form. The artist, a pioneer who makes the connection between invisible and visible, is active in the field of creative accomplishment. Willing to explore the unknown, one may discover true creativity and reveal something new. From this spark, cause unfolds into a shared experience where patterns of relationship appear and are available for understanding. I believe Art to be a most valuable endeavor and an asset to our greater human experience.
As an artisan, I engage materials based on intentional craftsmanship and textural response. It is important to me that the integrity of a medium remains while transforming its identity through conceptual approach. Recently a storyteller has emerged within my compositions, defining and revealing a relationship to the creative mechanism.
My work divorces from the mirror of human condition to become a lens through which the infinite may be seen. I am interested in a conversation of possibility, to remember where this is between us and unfold its mystery. These are the outlines of my intent and the footprints of my passing……in the midst of creation…………

Pieces by Kevin Box:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Kevin Box grew up in Texas and Oklahoma. Cultivating creativity throughout life, he has studied in Africa, Greece, across America and into the academic history of art. In 1994 Kevin entered his first professional group art show at the Pratt institute in Brooklyn, N.Y., encouraged by the response, he engaged contemporary art making. While studying at the School of Visual Arts, Kevin explored his nature as an artist and later finished a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree on scholarship in New York City. It was there he had his first one-man show.
Since then Kevin has been creating art full time. Gaining experience and technique by working with studios and master artisans, Box has developed a network of friends and family that help to make his work outstanding. Combining classical training with contemporary compositions, Box creates work that engages the mind and the spirit of the viewer. Never constrained by a single medium, he uses all of his facility to produce in the language of art. Box takes advantage of any opportunity to create, resulting in a diverse body of work that reflect upon his life and experiences.

Selected Awards:  ::
Box has received a Rhodes Grant, SVA Presidential Grant and a National Scholarship Trust Fund Award. He was recently selected, by the Austin Visual Arts Association, as one of the city’s top ten artists for 2003.