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Lenore McDonald

Artist's Statement  ::
Emerging Scapes Series
This series of paintings represents my emotional response to the natural environment in which I circulate. It begins as pure abstraction. However, based upon color choices and the means of paint application to various supports the landscape image starts to emerge. The walls of my studio are covered with photographs of landscapes, postcards and magazine clippings of works by Bonnard, Cezanne, Medieval Artists and contemporary painters. They all demonstrate influences. But the dominant force is the paint itself. That’s why I call this series “Emerging Scapes”. The picture content emerges from the form.
Prior to being an abstract painter, I was a plein air landscape artist. I enjoyed the challenge and the spiritual experience of being outside attempting to make art from the overwhelming beauty that confronted my senses. The frustration of depicting the ever changing scene, and the growing dissatisfaction with the products of these excursions into nature, sent me back to the studio. I started working exclusively from sketches and photographs. The goal was to replicate my inner response to my daily visual experience of seeing nature in an urban setting. The landscapes that I experienced are tucked between the sharp geometry of buildings or framed by windows.
In an attempt to convey my daily experience viewing the sky, vegetation, or water, I sometimes piece together panels and/or canvases. The geometry of the glued supports reflect my urban environment. Other times, painting just a single view suffices. All of the paintings are connected by the landscape content that emerges from the paint.

Pieces by Lenore McDonald:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.