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Gabriela Lozano Luviano

Artist's Statement  ::
Form and color in my paintings follow a way of expression which is to be essentially intuitive and highly emotional. For me, emotional communication through painting is essential. Emotional states is what I try to evoke. A single emotional state is a mixture of different emotions condensed in one moment. My atmospheres do not refer to a specific place. The common element in them is perhaps a longing for something that is not here.

Pieces by Gabriela Lozano Luviano:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
Exhibitions: 2004: “Piece of the month” Galería José María Velasco, Mexico City 2002: “In absentia”, Economistas 77, Mexico City 2001: “Exposición de una tarde. Obra de transición”, Economistas 77, Mexico City 1999: “Exposición individual”, La Bouquinerie, Mexico City GROUP SHOWS: 2003: “Ambiguous Narratives”, Agora Gallery, SoHo, New York City, USA 1998: “Maneras de saber”, Alianza Francesa de San Angel; Mexico City 1998: "Taller 129" (“Workshop 129”), Galería Luis Nishizawa, Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, UNAM, Mexico City 1997: "Neolandscape Show", Union Street Gallery; Chicago Heights, IL / USA 1995: "San Carlos Art Academy Exhibition” Centro Regional de Bellas Artes de Matamoros; Tamaulipas, Mexico 1995: Autumn Festival: "Homage to Luis Nishizawa” Centro Regional de Bellas Artes de Matamoros; Tamaulipas, Mexico 1995: "Colectiva ENAP", Casa de la Cultura Luis Spota; Mexico City Grants: 1997: MEX-AM Honorable Mention Fellowship