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Roxanne Regan-Briggs

Artist's Statement  ::
Roxanne Regan-Briggs offers colorful, abstract, acrylic paintings for home or office. Every person will see different images and emotions in the paintings, depending on their imagination. Further, these abstracts may be hung in any orientation that suits your eye and/or wall space. You can change the orientation to create a new effect while maintaining the color scheme of your environment.
If you see a painting that you like, but wish it were “just a little different” – great! I can create an original painting for you, customized in colors, shape, and size to help make your environment exactly what you want.

Pieces by Roxanne Regan-Briggs:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Biography  ::
Roxanne studied painting at Boston University, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School.
Roxanne has been painting in a variety of styles for approximately 25 years and has most recently specialized in very dynamic acrylic abstracts. An objective of her paintings is to capture the effects of fluids in motion – from water to solar flares. The paintings are somewhat like stroboscopic photography, but are unconstrained by real, physical subjects. They allow the viewer’s imagination to provide interpretations. The effect of a painting can change from soothing to exhilarating to inviting depending on the viewer and the orientation of the piece.